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Why the Diwan ?

The diwan is the place where the Arabs meet and discuss their businesses, but also where they listen to music, poetry and participate in literary exchanges.

A diwan also means a collection of poems. “Poetry is the Arabs’ Diwan” as the Syrian prince and poet Abu Firas al-Hamdani puts it. Each Arab has heard it once in his lifetime.

Poetry is the mirror of the Arab thought. One that allows the Arabs to remember their cherished values to better understand the world and the different lifestyles they have chosen, their ideas of love, pain, pride, honour and pleasure. It represents an immutable part of the history of the Arabo-Muslim civilisation.

“Poetry is the mine of knowledge of the Arabs and the book of their wisdom, the archive of their history and the treasure of their epic days, the wall that defends their traditions, the trench that preserve their glories, the impartial witness for the day of judgement, the decisive argument when the debate arises.” Quoted from the Book of Poetry and Poets, Ibn Qutayba, Irakian author of the 9th century.

Our Diwan is global to reposition the Arab world at the heart of History, the hub around which Europe, Africa and Asia revolve.

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